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White, bright, and an aligned smile is one of the main factors of having a “good first impression” within the social relations. The importance of a nice smile is getting the highest rank globally, which makes people happy and self-confident.
Hollywood Smile treatment procedures are always customized to the patient, as the design of a smile needs special ratios regarding patient’s face / lip / jaw dimensions. The procedure starts with photo shooting as digital analyze is done during the veneers design section.
Thanks to digital workflow, the best solutions are created for patients.

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Material options are

Teeth are minimally shaved down within this material (*depending on the case & position of teeth)

Even if you have crowded teeth, E-max Veneers are the best solution for minimal shaving down.

Zirconium Crowns / Bridges:

Zirconium is another best material, if a certified brand is used in the hand of experienced dental technician. If you have missing teeth and if you need bridges ->> Strength of zirconium will give you the best solution also with a perfect aesthetics.